What’s keeping you from love?

It’s usually one of two things:


Something you’re doing or something you’re thinking



DISTRACTIONS: Maybe you work too much or spend an inordinate amount of time on something that limits your time and attention to meeting someone special


SETTLING: Keep trying to make it work with people who don’t recognize your value or who don't share your core values


MISMATCH: Keep meeting or attracting the wrong people, those, for instance, who only want what they can get from you, not what they can share with you


FAILURE: Joined single’s groups or services in which you thought you could at least meet someone with similar ideals and standards but found it disappointing



FATE: Think you may be destined to be alone or single. Maybe someone told you that this would or should be your fate


FANTASY: Think that special person will simply show up at your doorstep one day without you doing anything but hoping


FALSE: Think dating events or services are for desperate people or for people who merely want to “hook up”


FEAR: Have anxiety or shame about trying something different, believing that you must meet like your parents or someone else’s lasting relationship that you admire. Read: "Fears that Keep Single People Single"