Still Have Questions?

These FAQs may clear up anything else you may need to understand, but if not, please contact us.


Is this for me?

  • Yes, if all the areas of your life are working except your love life

  • Yes, if you’re serious about meeting someone special and willing to be in an environment where this is possible

  • Yes, if you’re tired of working all the time but not having someone to spend quality time with

  • Yes, if you’re not afraid to try something new


Is it true that it’s more difficult to meet people in some cities?


Yes, it is, and Atlanta is often considered one of those places. This is primarily because we move to certain places just because of the opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship, lifestyle enhancement or other factors, but these environments, while offering much of what we want, fail to foster all that we may need – LOVE.



What happens after Speed Love once we meet someone we may be interested in pursuing?

You must ask that indicidual if he or she is interested in pursuing further contact. We're responsible for the introductions, but you must take it from there. Keep in mind, you can always come back for Speed Coaching ;-)


What assurances do you offer?

We promise nothing but a potential opportunity to meet great people who have the same goal in mind as you. Yes, we try to group people, according to your responses, with others that they may be more inclined to find interesting. However, you can, at any point, switch to another group or opt out if the groups altogether.


How do you match people?

That's our secret, but everyting is done by human beings who are proficient in this, not a computer program.


How can I host a Speed Love event?

This is simple. You can coordinate an event in your area, anywhere in the country. Just fill out the interest form via the Contact tab on this site, and we will send you the details!